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Whether you are using it to build furniture, manufacture hardwood floors, or producing architectural millwork, you need the highest quality hardwood lumber to ensure your work lasts. At Rives & Reynolds Lumber Co Inc in Louisville, MS, we are the leading manufacturer of high-quality hardwood, shipping our products across the country and exporting in Europe and Asia. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers and ensuring on-time shipments.

Red Oak Lumber in Louisville, MS

Red Oak

White Oak Lumber in Louisville, MS

White Oak

Poplar Lumber in Louisville, MS


Ash Lumber in Louisville, MS


Hickory Lumber in Louisville, MS


Our Services

– We take standing timber or delivered logs and turn it into lumber that can be used for a wide range of purposes. –

Surfacing: We have planing facilities that allow us to create smooth lumber surfaces.

Width Sorting: Looking for a specific width for your project? We can help.

Export Preparation: We export our high-quality products across Europe and Asia.

Kiln Drying: Kiln drying is a much faster process than air drying to achieve equilibrium moisture content, which creates a stronger, more durable wood.

Container Loading: With our professional container loading services, you can rest assured your lumber will be protected and secured during the delivery process.

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