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– Over 50 Years of Experience Providing Quality Hardwood Lumber –

Rives & Reynolds Lumber Co Inc in Louisville, MS is a leading manufacturer of hardwood lumber. We ensure a top-quality product and offer kiln drying, surfacing, width sorting, and container loading. We prep every order from start to finish to the highest standards. Whether selling our products across the country or exporting, we pride ourselves on delivering each order on time.

We are partnered with two of the other leading manufacturers of hardwood lumber in our state, as part of a cooperative exporting our product into Asia. We also offer to export into Europe.

board feet of lumber produced each year.

With over 50 years of experience and 25 million board feet of lumber produced each year, our team has the expertise to ensure that, with us, you are getting the finest lumber around. We are constantly looking forward, and improving our methods and products, because we believe that our customers deserve only the best.

About Us

Rives & Reynolds Lumber Co Inc was founded in 1972 by Bill Rives and Terry Reynolds. Mr. Rives had years of experience and expertise in the logging and sawmill industry, while Terry had a vast knowledge of equipment. Together, they created a custom-sawing mill. However, they soon started making and selling their own lumber.

Bill passed away in 1977, and Terry’s son, Bruce, joined the company in 1987. Together, they created a second mill in Kosciusko, called Attala Hardwoods. Over the years, both mills grew, expanded and modernized, and today our company is one of the largest suppliers of hardwood in Mississippi. We expanded our product line in the 1990s, when our dry kiln and planing facilities were built.

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Lumber in Louisville, MS
Quality Lumber in Louisville, MS


Today, we are members of the National Hardwood Lumber Association and the Hardwood Manufacturers Association. Our owners have served on both the boards of both organizations.

National Hardwood Lumber Association in Louisville, MS
National Hardwood Lumber Association in Louisville, MS
Hardwood Manufacturers Association in Louisville, MS

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